3 traits of Self-leadership

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Words to live by: Begin by Danielle MacInnes on Unsplash

A colleague of mine Qambar Raza recently shared this great Ted talk with me on self-leadership 👏

🎥 🍿🥤 Great leadership starts with self-leadership | Lars Sudmann

In it Lars describes three behaviour traits to improve your self-leadership:

1. Self awareness
2. Self reflection
3. Self regulation

This is a brilliant way to change any personal trait that you would like to be different.

The key to it is Step 1 by recognising what you do want, how that differs to what you do now and then identifying the incremental steps towards it.

The difficulty comes in Step 2 being honest with yourself everyday about how you are progressing towards your goal and what feedback mechanisms you are using.

Finally Step 3 is recognising that situations outside of your control will still occur where you might default back to your existing behaviour. So instead of trying to repress your response reframe how you look at the situation instead that enables you to look at the situation in a different more positive mindset .

Don’t know where to start yourself improvement journey then start by identifying some of the default behaviours you might exhibit.

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